NFT NYC Awards

2 min readMay 22, 2022


Awards Link:

You are invited to submit your nominations in categories including:
• Best NFT Artist
• Best Fashion NFT
• Best NFT Project for Creators
and more.

Nominations close Sunday, May 22nd at 5pm ET.


Visit #📝|artist-lineup in our DISCORD to nominate a TrapMonkie creative that you love! With over 100+ Collaborations, we are the BIGGEST collaborative collection in the entire NFT space! Help the TrapGang, by nominating TrapMonkie for Best NFT Project for Creators & Best Fashion NFT Project. We will be attending NFT.NYC come June and promoting the brand at the event. Thanks for your support!

With clothing already on and we are proud to be in the web 3 space. Only @TrapMonkie holders will be granted access to the web 3 Streetwear! We have gone Phygital! (physicals to digital) We are TrapMonkie.

A streetwear NFT Project by the TrapMonkie Brand. Follow the trend and get involved. Fashion in the metaverse.

TrapMonkie on OpenSea | Series .01 | Series .02 | Match Your NFT | Amazon




TrapMonkie™ is a unique collection of 8,888 procedurally generated digital fashion combinations.