Rarity Tools NFT Ranking

May 21, 2022


Rarity Tools NFT Ranking — TrapMonkie NFTs

Browse TrapMonkie on rarity.tools to compare rarity scores and discover the collection’s most unique pieces.

Official Link: rarity.tools/trapmonkie

  • Streetwear Brand Founded in 2018
  • Clothing on Amazon.com
  • 3 Lead Creatives
  • 16 Total Artists
  • 40+ Rare 1 of 1s

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Official Link: raritysniper.com/trapmonkie

TrapMonkie™ is a unique collection of procedurally generated digital fashion NFT combinations, trapping on the Ethereum blockchain. A creative community-driven DAO featuring art by 16 Artists. Unlock levels of access and perks as each TrapMonkie™ collectible provides its owner IP Rights & utility funded by the TM Vault.

Phase 2: trapmonkie.io

TrapMonkie on OpenSea | Series .01 | Series .02 | Match Your NFT




TrapMonkie™ is a unique collection of 8,888 procedurally generated digital fashion combinations. https://trapmonkie.io