TrapMonkie | Roadmap

4 min readApr 9, 2022

On April 20th, TrapMonkie will be launching their NFT collection. The release will be a collection of procedurally generated digital fashion combinations. The NFTs will be fully rendered in 3D by a core team of artists: Evijan John, Tanmay Lodhi, and Javier Antunez. Every NFT will be unique and will be reviewed for quality assurance. The collection will also contain a quantity of 1 of 1 compositions by additional artists; these pieces will focus on a single piece of the highest quality.

To ensure transparency, the TrapMonkie team is fully doxxed. In hopes to instill trust in the vision and the TrapMonkie community. TrapMonkie’s vision is centered around community, wearables and the metaverse.

A Community Based Around Creativity

TrapMonkie was founded on the principle of supporting creatives. Maintaining a creative community and constructing a network for artists to thrive is one of their main focuses. Artists in the TrapMonkie community can excel in a way that wasn’t possible in web2.

TrapMonkie has collaborated with over 100 artists to deliver high-quality collections. In doing so, they’ve expanded an ever-growing network of resources and artists across all creative mediums and styles. As they grow, TrapMonkie will remain a community that is grounded in creative roots, which will continue providing a platform for artists to build.

Physical Wearables

TrapMonkie is also an established streetwear brand with suppliers and vendors across the world. The physical clothing collections are continually under development. Collectors will instantly be granted website discounts for the online clothing line. These collections will further expand after the 8888 release. In fact, nearly all of the clothing traits associated with the 8888 collection NFTs are designed to be manufactured in the physical world.

IRL Events

Starting this year, TrapMonkie will begin to host events to celebrate community achievements, partake in discussion panels about future developments, and provide networking opportunities for artists and web3 developers.


The Metaverse is taking over. There are so many platforms available and there’s so much going on in the digital realm. TrapMonkie is ready. They’ve created and rendered the models in 3D, and will be able to integrate these into various metaverse platforms. The community will have the freedom to expand to multiple digital worlds, and can be fluid in the Metaverse path they decide to go down. Currently, Sandbox is developing software to bridge NFT projects on a mass scale; it will be possible to align voxel avatars to NFT profile pictures. TrapMonkie is getting closer to seeing their avatars on Sandbox and all across the metaverse.

Digital Wearables

TrapMonkie NFT holders will be able to access digital wearables that mirror physical counterparts and unique drops. Essentially, TrapMonkie clothing will be available in the physical and virtual realm.

They’re not trying to build a metaverse at TrapMonkie. Instead, the goal is to create avatars that are fluid and compatible with all major platforms. Through digital wearables, NFT holders will be able to express themselves across the Metaverse.

Vault & DAO

TrapMonkie is building a community DAO. With 50% of all royalties from secondary sales being allocated to the DAO.

The Vault is going to be a transparent DAO owned and operated by the TrapMonkie holders. Each TrapMonkie gets a vote.

Initiatives will be eligible for creation. They’ll be placed up for community voting to decide funding, establishment and sustainment of liquidity pools, IRL events, whitelist access, networking resources, and more. There are no restrictions for the DAO. The community has full control.

The majority of royalties will be directed to the Vault, and a fraction of royalties will be distributed to leadership for continual overhead costs in R&D (research & development) blockchain expansion.

Note: Subject to change. Our execution of the roadmap largely depends on the project being 100% sold-out. The objectives we’ve laid down as a team requires the projected budget & holder count to be fully recognized. In case we fail to achieve these prerequisites we shall revisit our roadmap deliverables & update it accordingly. | @TrapMonkie | Join the Discord | An article by @pothu




TrapMonkie™ is a unique collection of 8,888 procedurally generated digital fashion combinations.